Christmas, Hanukkah.

On the one hand this is Forever 21,  on the other hand it's puns!



I'm leaving to get my hair cut with my mom in a couple of minutes and I'm still in my jam jams but I wanted to post this one thing I read and have been thinking about all week. I have something else to say but I'm still thinking on it. It's brewing.

Richard Beck.

And things I have been thinking about, but not so serious:

This photo is from google but it is the view from the hotel we stayed in last weekend. It was nuts.

I love how he surprises her at the end. Blended is our favorite movie right now.

We have a rosemary plant and I think I'll be making these with it.



If I were going to have a baby (I'm not) and if they were going to have their own room while they are very tiny (which they will not) and I was going to make it space themed I think I would put these lovely things in it.

Dotted Sheets.

Cozy blanket.

A sweet poster or the map of the moon I got for Christmas!

And a crazy nightlight.



Christmas is coming! 
All the presents (but one) are wrapped under the tree and we've watched Christmas movies and had Christmas tea! 

Made treats for Christmas. I need to make more immediately!

Just finished this book to get in the holiday spirit.

I like singing holiday commercials.

Beautiful gift wrapping.

Cat drinking water!



All I want all the time is to lie in bed in my flannel until the sun comes back! Even though I love tea and soup and Christmas and being tucked close to family around a fire. Okay, I think the problem is I want my feet to be warm right now. This weekend we're hanging out with a dear friend in Seattle and watching Christmas movies and making homemade soup hopefully and finishing a baby blanket. Right now I'm going to lie in bed!

Love in Iceland. I'm dying.

I am obsessed with what other people do for makeup

Two movies I cannot wait for. One, because it will be great, and one because it will be happy.

Carol. Being awesome.

The Christmas Jumpers!

I think I will make these for my work friends instead of presents and Christmas cards! 


The house.

Ignoring that the photos are crooked I just want to say I finally got mats for those photos! And I sewed a pillow for the couch. It needs a little more stuffing but we're moving forward. Even though things aren't perfect it's definitely a home here. People are in and out and Roo is a terror and the sweetest all at once and there's baking and reading (Unbroken and Yes Please right now) and Christmas music.

And now the tree is up (and there was snow but you can't really see it)! Roo likes to lie by the heater and watch the lights. It's the best. 


WNWR: Brother.

I think my brother is the hardest person in the family to shop for. But somehow this year I finished him up earlier than everyone else! I can't explain it. It was Christmas magic.

This is the only thing Jarrod asked for this Christmas. No joke. SO....

A handsome bag to replace the backpack that he totes. I consider this a need.

The best plaid I've seen all fall.

NPR recommended it and I don't read much science fiction. I'll trust NPR.


A lot of little.

How nuts does that look!

Last week Joshua saw the ad for Fred Meyer: spend $150, get a free turkey. So he sent a quick message out to our friends and today we went shopping! We filled an entire cart to the brim and stuffed the bottom rack even! 

A bunch of people asked if we were shopping for Thanksgiving. I just want to say now- thanks old people for thinking Johnny Joshua and I could pull off a party that needs 20 pounds of potatoes, 20 cans of green beans and corn, 4 hams and 4 pineapples, a whole case of pumpkin filling, a mess of miscellaneous things and a 17 pound turkey. But thanks no thanks.

We took it all to SK Helpline which is the food bank for our area. And I'm not saying this to say anything about us (except that I love Joshua and his big heart and his initiative on this). No one donated more than $30. The whole of it took maybe two hours. A lot of little goes a long way. Just some coordinating and a bunch of families are going to get dinner on Thursday.

It took three tries to get $150 worth of groceries! When we were all done we all said we were terrified when we came up to the cashier because we thought we'd be at $400 dollars and have to return all the pie filler and be humiliated but look at that trunk! I couldn't believe how far the money went. It's easy to help but we don't because we think a dime isn't going to go anywhere. But it does.

I know it's sappy. I don't mind.
Happy Thanksgiving.



I can't believe it's Saturday! We had Friday off (Fleetwood Mac recovery day) and we went absolutely mad- the mall, lunch with a friend, Goodwill, Costco, Winco, movie night at my moms to watch Kinky Boots. I didn't do a lick of cleaning. And it's only Saturday morning! I'm going to clean and bake some practice cookies and sew a pillow. It's home ec in the Wilson's house today! Hurrah. And if you needed one more great thing Beyonce dances in her underwear.

Catchy tune.

Joshua and I picked up this reindeer beanie... it's going to be so festive!

The best smelling fig soap ever.

I'm sure I've posted this a million times but I still love it more than anything. I want to go to there.

Dala horse christmas ornaments! I love Christmas (I may be getting the boxes out today...)!


We bought a chair.

Oh my I love it.
Joshua hasn't sat on the couch since I brought it home and kitten prefers it for naps.
Not bad for a St. Vincent's trip!



I think Thanksgiving might be a small affair this year which actually makes me a little more excited for it! Small gatherings can be well thought out and well decorated. Plus I can make a couple of cutesy decorations no problem! And when all else fails it will still be wonderful to sit around with family and then watch Band of Brothers in our pajamas the next day.

I'm thinking these cookies will go nicely with ice cream since we don't really do pie.

And I love both of these simple ways to take a moment and be thoughtful about what we are thankful for. I have supplies for both (maybe I should be thankful for my growing craft drawer) but I think I might go with the mats. 

But basically Thanksgiving should be called "I'm thankful that Christmas season can begin!"


WNWR: Mama.

Apparently I talk about my mom all the time. To everyone. Work knows my best friend is my mom. Dolores (the nice old lady we play cards with) knows my mom and I are best friends. It's pretty great until I want to punch her when we are walking at the Y and we get in a fight. But after that it's pretty great. Yes. I love my mom. And even these not real but really great presents are getting me excited for her real presents!
Enough already.

A cooking class in Poulsbo, because experiences are the best gifts.

A pot rack- for ease of making delicious soups and more room to sit on her counters and talk.

A poncho, because being cozy and adorable in the winter is possible. Also good for the zombie apocalypse.

The best book I've read all year. I would have given a copy to everyone I know if I thought they would read it!


WNWR: Husband.

Christmas shopping for Joshua is my favorite. Seriously. I wish I had a million dollars to buy him all the ridiculous things I want to. But that pesky Mr. Ramsey bums out that plan (debt free is so enticing and a present in itself) so I'll stick with a couple smart choices!

A trip to the City by the Bay. And a trolley ride where you ride on the outside (he's crazy brave).

They're not glamorous but most things you need aren't. Keep those feet toasty!

A sweater to keep warm. And to brag.

Lila (An article with the author).


WNWR: Sister.

I know. But we have a candle called spice cupboard (which I highly recommend) and it's freezing at night and that's all it takes for me to jump on board the Christmas train! Wooh wooh! Trains in the station and I have a ticket!

Lovely Sam Smith to croon with on the way to work. I would want this if I didn't have it already.

Postcards, needed to keep in touch with friends in Sequim.

A colorful scarf to wear in winter from FashionABLE.

Because everyone loves her and they like her. Read more books.



I was going to type something sarcastic and mean which was my heart until five seconds ago when my sister called. I have been in a dark mood today! But then we laughed about soup and I feel better. Not better enough to avoid scouring the house but better.

Those stairs!

I want a closet like this!

A sweet song.

French or just smart, some good ideas to live by.

Did you see the new buffalo from SM? I love him.

I'm taking my Pendleton to this cleaners, when I called the owner answered and gave me a discount. Whaaaaat?! Yes. I've never been picky about chemicals and blah blah all that but something about the blanket that my whole family sleeps with seems like I should pay the extra $10 and just switch to the cleaners that gets the eco rating.



It is not even 7 but here I am, awake! The laundry is folded and kitten in cuddling on my pillow and maybe I'll tackle some project today. Or just shower. Start with small goals.

A grab box of yarn! I love Lion Brand.

Also this gold leaf yarn I'm making a baby blanket out of.

A girl on Mars.

We're going to Grill from Ipanema tonight for my mom's birthday... meat.

All the Walking Dead Webisodes, if you need something to hold you over until tomorow!

Joshua loves A Frames but I never understood until I saw this house.

Kevin Hart on ostriches.

Another Ben song. Album is out this week, and tour is this winter! Excellent news.

We've been watching Parks and Rec. I love it so much, it's so friendly and happy. RON.


Ben is back!

No secret that I love Ben Howard. There is something in his music that brings the water and fog and rain and the wind in your face to mind. Let me get my wool sweater out before we talk.

I've seen him live a handful of times and each time life was so different. The second time Joshua and I had split, I saw him alone in the U District- I thought my heart was going to splinter apart. But I don't hear that sadness the same at all now. I hear my patients saying goodbye to family and life and living while they are living. And I hear happiness. Music is not intrinsic to me. I can't even talk about it properly! My poor sister is constantly trying to talk to me about some new awesome band that I've never heard of. I could, and do, go without it most days.

But there are some people I continue to carry with me as truth and Ben is one of them. As I change his music changes. I cannot wait for his new album.


google: kittens

Sometimes at work I just google kittens.
It makes for the nicest breaks.

And the Philadelphia Zoo came up with the smallest wild African cats. Dear God.



On tough weeks at work I go back to this article over and over again:

In abusive and toxic work environments we can shield, protect, and provide safe havens for co-workers. Maybe it's because you have a certain scope of power and can use that power humanely and restoratively. Maybe it's simply that you are a healing and welcoming presence at the watercooler. Regardless, your mission in that toxic work environment is to be a haven of protection and healing.
Many of you are doing exactly that today. Work sucks. It's a toxic place. The boss is abusive, a petty tyrant. But for as long as you are there in that place you spread your wings and protect those around you.

I am going to speak calmly and only speak truth and not always speak. 
I will be gentle. 
I am not going to condone bad behavior by laughing or by staying silent.
I will be one of the good parts of the workday.